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Immunization for Children


At KidKare Pediatrics, we provide the necessary and essential vaccines required for your child to live a healthy and happy life. Dr. Haissam El-Takech has been protecting and keeping children of all ages safe and health for more than a decade. Click on this link to discover what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends your child (given their age) should be vaccinated and immunized with. 

Routine Physicals 


Practicing for more nearly two decades, Dr. Haissam El-Takech M.D., is a nationally recognized Pediatrician treating infants,

children, and adolescents in the Metro Detroit area.

Dr. El-Takech is a board certified pediatrician with an international education, as he has studied abroad in Lithuania, performed his residency in Lebanon, and America.

Prior to owning his own facility, he was the Chief of Pediatrics at Jackson County Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma. He is also affiliated with Beaumont Hospital, & Children's Hospital. His career was destined to treat the future generation of Metro Detroit, as he is now the leading the pediatrician in the country. 

Dr. Haissam El-Takech




Exams & Testing

Lab Testing & Exams

Through this and other services, Dr. Haissam El-Takech has cared for numerous patients throughout his career as a Pediatrician. Routine physicals for your child are essential and should be done at Dr. El-Takech's recommendation. At such a young age, children are fragile and are continuing to develop. A routine physical at KidKare Pediatrics will assure that your child remains healthy, safe, and is provided with the essential care to prevent any  harm. 

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General Health 

Dr. El-Takech goes beyond just the general care of your child, as he performs eye and hearing exam, and well-child exam with innovative methods of treatment. As a pediatrician for nearly two decades, Dr. El-Takech uses advanced methods of examination, along with 20-years of medical expertise to provide your child with the most complete examination. With a new state-of-the-art facility, Kid Kare Pediatrics can do in-house lab testing with advanced technologies and clinical expertise. 


Whether it be your newborn, infant, or eldest child, your child's health is a priority like none other. At Kid Kare Pediatrics, we know how essential it is to provide your child with the utmost care and assurance of medical treatment. Whether it be a common cold, flu, allergies, rash, etc... our team of experts are here to assure that your in the best hand you can possibly be in. Dr. El-Takech and his staff work for you, and for the well-being of your child. 

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